Top #1 Portable Speakers: Soundmatters FoxL V2

Published: 02nd August 2011
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In our digital era, our lives are so full of electronic devices and their wires that can actually make an ugly clutter! Ironically, it is this very digital era that makes things even simpler with the ultra-fine wireless devices and gadgets. And since music and audio inputs play an equally important role in our personal and professional lives, a provision for these wireless gadgets makes life simpler. Wireless audio speakers can be thoroughly useful in reducing the amount of wiring needed, ultimately helping us eliminate the unpleasant clutter of wires across our offices and living rooms!

Having accepted the wireless feature of audio-systems, let’s move a step ahead! How about defying the conventional wisdom of sound and creating your palm into a personal amphitheatre? Soundmatters FoxL V2 portable speakers feature this latest, cutting-edge technology putting a millions of loudspeakers in the market to shame. They are, very simply, digital audio speakers that are light-weight, palm sized yet producing impressive sound quality. Engineered unlike anything else in the market, the FoxL V2 speakers are ‘real’ high quality speakers!

Technically Perfect

They say it must have taken a rocket scientist to invent a design so powerful and equipped; one might often come across the design as the ‘twoofer’ design that combines the unit’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery along with a flatmagic acoustic bass radiator. These amazing sound quality, palm-sized speakers are designed around a highly sophisticated acoustic driver which features an ability to produce both, extreme high ranges as well as low frequencies from just a single 25 mm dome speaker. With a zero-cable wire fuss, the #1 portable Soundmatters FoxL V2 speakers concentrate on high quality music stereo streaming.

Technically, these audio speakers comprise of linear magnetic drive topology that features a field focused, back-to-back dual extreme energy neo magnets. Supporting these is an inch long dual voice coil, ultimately rendering an awesome sound quality. It’s even better sound-smoother, an extended brass and more open highs of these portable speakers increase the output level capability. FoxL’s V2 speakers have also integrated an in-built noise and echo cancelling microphone circuit making the gadget technically apt for a superior sound quality system.

Using The FoxL Speakers

Using these #1 portable Soundmatters FoxL V2 speakers is extremely simple, even if one is not a tech-savvy! One can put it in the pocket or drop it in the handbag or briefcase for an amazing sounding, out-of-the ear listening experience, ANYWHERE! In fact, if sound quality and portability is one’s priority-need, the pocket sized FoxL works just right. These exceptional speakers are ideal for iPhones, I Pads, I Pods, Mp3 players, laptops, mobile gaming and so much more. Basically, it can connect to any music source via a standard audio cable.

The latest version of these Soundmatters FoxL V2 speakers also feature a 25-30’ Bluetooth range which once paired, sticks onto your gadget forever. The system automatically connects for instant wireless streaming. With a high fidelity resolution in the form of a pocket sized portable device, the FoxL V2 also renders an output for optional powdered subwoofer. Additionally, these #1 portable Soundmatters FoxL V2 speakers feature in-built ‘business-quality’ wireless hands-free microphones that support spur-of-the-moment conference calls. This amazing ‘twoofer’ technology of portable speakers facilitate one-touch answer/reject/end call functions and is supported by an universal power adapter kit for about 69 countries.

What we consumers generally look for and rely on is branded, consensually recognized products; thus, the patented technologies of FoxL V2 portable speakers have won them international accolades, ultimately proving to be convincing and reliable, outperforming any other portable or iPod speaker of its category!

Use it at homes, offices or social outings, these portable speakers are thoroughly capable of providing rich, actually rich, sounds in any environment! They also play perfect hosts at waiting rooms or receptions where just this little piece connected to a mini-audio system (which would not produce such high quality sounds) would be ideal. Business presentations can be made much more effective with a superior sound quality and hence, this little palm friendly device comes to the rescue. In fact, music at parties can be now arranged so easily! Apt for all occasions and situations, the Soundmatters FoxL V2 portable speakers is an apt choice for everybody.

Voted as TIME Magazine's Top 10 Gadget in 2008, the cutting-edge FoxL V2 puts millions of loudspeakers in the market to shame with its light weight and impressive and clear bass sounds through technology that combines the unit’s rechargeable batte

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